Extended Paper Submission


Deadline: November 22, 2022

For extended paper submission read carefully the following instructions.

As requested by many contributors and authors, ICOSTECH 2022 Authors have the possibility to submit an extended version of their presented contributions for publication in the Frontiers in Education and other journals

The extended paper submission should meet the following criteria : 

  1. Authors should note that the extended paper should conform to the scope of the journal. Ideas should be included demonstrating how the paper addresses a particular complex system.
  2. The first citation must be to the original conference paper and how it is being expanded using words such as: “This paper is an extension of work originally presented in conference name [1]”
  3. Paper should not have more than a 40% overlap with the conference paper in terms of figures, tables and equation not text. All comments from the conference review may be addressed in detail. To ensure an expedited review, the cover letter should summarize the key changes from the conference paper especially in response to the reviewer comments.
  4. Preferably the Title, abstract, introduction and figures should all be revised. These should reflect how the paper differs from the conference paper.
  5. Background material should be significantly enhanced.
  6. More results may be added and discussion may be significantly expanded/enhanced.
  7. Whole paragraphs must not be copied in the journal paper – even if the paper contains other non-trivial changes.
  8. The overall plagiarism level of paper should be less than 20%.
  9. In case of review paper, the ending words of title should be “: A review” or any similar word.