Chair : Ir. Arko Djajadi, M.Sc., Ph.D

Research Member :
1. Marviola Hardini, S.Kom., MIEEE – University of Raharja
2. Fitra Putri Oganda, S.Kom., MIEEE – University of Raharja
3. Muhamad Dede Soleman, S.Kom – University of Raharja
4. Tata Subrata, S.Kom – Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council
5. David Arayoga Saka, S.Kom – University of Raharja
6. Imam Ma’ruf, S.Kom – University of Bumigora
7. Betari Ayu Almadania Laksminingrum, S.Kom – University of Raharja
8. Anggi Parlindungan Sagala, S.Kom – University of Raharja

Abstract :
The need for electricity in the community, especially in the University environment, is a means of lighting and supporting all requirements in the modern era. Renewable energy has a significant role in meeting energy needs. This track is a form of increasing motivation in building an educational environment in support of the Renewable Energy-Based (REY) government program, which can increase utility and relevance while at the same time aligning the development of science and technology in higher education to align with the Education 4.0 ecosystem.

Research Titles :
Paper ID 1. Renewable Transformation in Indonesia
Paper ID 4. Association Recommendations For Renewable Energy Adhering To The New Asian Guidelines
Paper ID 8. Exchange Parameters For Limiting Efficiency Of Back-Emitting Passive Silicon Solar Cells Contact
Paper ID 9. Durability Prediction Model Of Reflector Material To Concentrate Solar Thermal Energy In Corrosive Environment
Paper ID 11. Opportunity, Challenges, and Possible Approaches to Integrating Renewable Energy Into Mining Operations
Paper ID 12. The Financial Implications of Growing Renewable Energy for The US Electrical System are Being Investigated.
Paper ID 16. Economic Growth with Renewable Energy Consumption
Paper ID 20. Renewable Energy Based Electric Vehicle Charging
Paper ID 24. Case Study in Indonesia: Exploring Blockchain Opportunities and Challenges to Maximize Energy Transition
Paper ID 25. Stability of Renewable Energy Networks in Isolated Countries Versus Connected Countries
Paper ID 27. FinTech on renewable energy from ADC countries
Paper ID 28. Future Energy Using Blockchain Systems