Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ir. Untung Rahardja, M.T.I., MM., SMIEEE –

( University of Raharja/ Universiti Teknologi Malaysia )

Research Members:
1. Ammar Hussein – PERSAFE UK
2. Prof. Leonardo de Souza Mendes – University of Campinas
3. Dr. Stylianos Kampakis – University College London
4. Prof. Manuel J. Fernandez Iglesias – University of Vigo
5. Prof. Luis Anido-Rifon – University of Vigo
6. Prof. Untung Rahardja – University of Raharja
7. Ananda Uswatun Hasanah – University of Raharja
8. Pipit Dirgayusa Febrianaga – University of Raharja

Abstract: iLearning is Earning
The COVID19 pandemic crisis has severely affected the education system globally. All learners and teachers are suddenly confined at home. With varying degrees of success, classes continue to be conducted online. All previous experimental online learning technologies that we have kept on the sideline, have now become the center stage. Any resistance to change and widespread adoption of online learning are all pointless. The challenge remains for us to respond: As educator, How do we adapt to the accelerated ever changing global disruption. Are we the same kind of educator like we were centuries ago. People said that education change the world, has it becomes the norm of the past. How do we challenge status quo and become the pioneer in education. What is the Grand Design Education Model that fits the need of the people. This track is sponsored by Traivis Training Vision Company. The aim is to publish a series of special issues on learning platform that integrates into Traivis Whitepaper version 2.0

Research Titles:
1. iLearning is earning: a sustainable learning platform ecosystem
2. Integrating Gamification Rank response functions in an online learning platform
3. Covid-19 Crisis Outbreak: A pilot study on Flipped Classroom Mixed Analysis
4. Tertiary education Online Teaching Activity and Assessment using Virtual Platform Indicators
5. Privacy issue in education using Moodle Web Learning Analytics
6. Modelling Self-Directed Learning in Higher Education
7. An empirical Study on education Services to Achieve Sustainable Academic Performance
8. Resilience to COVID-19 using blockchain Collaborative Learning platform