Chair : Sandi Rahmadika – (Wonkwang University, South Korea)

Research Members :
1. Marviola Hardini, S.Kom., MIEEE – University of Raharja
2. Fitra Putri Oganda, S.Kom., MIEEE – University of Raharja
3. Dr. Sudaryono, SP., S.Pd., M.Pd. – Jakarta State University
4. Thufail Rafii Habibillah, S.Ds – University of Matana
5. Allya Nissa Daswar, S.Si – State University of Padang
6. Mohammad Hairid Zulhi, S.Kom – Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council

Abstract : Decentralized Storage
Blockchain empowers the decentralized system by bringing together the most incompatible unstructured entities and integrating them. The decentralized storage system is armed with a blockchain smart contract that acts as a control layer, featuring impregnable security, immutability, traceability, and transparency. Because centralized storage has inherent problems, such as a single point of failure with many possible data breaches, much duplication of data stored repeatedly in one location, and the lack of trust in third parties for data stored in centralized storage. This track aims to publish a series of special issues on Decentralized that integrates into Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Research Titles:
1. Design of Educational Learning Management Cloud Process with Blockchain 4.0 based E-Portfolio
2. Assistance Service Management Preparations Data for Educational Information
3. A Novel Method for Decentralised Peer-to-Peer Software License Validation Using Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology
4. Face Recognition based Artificial Intelligence With AttendX Technology for Student Attendance
5. Implementing Decentralized Food Supply Chain Management With Blockchain Technology Design And Methodology
6. Blockchain Implementation in Education Data Storage Verification System
7. Implementation of Know Your Client (KYC) with Keen Contracts on a Privacy-Oriented Decentralized Designing
8. The Effectiveness of Using Android Applications Class dojo at High School Level
9. Blockchain Technology Evolution Trends Bibliometrics Analysis On Scopus Database Using VOSviewer
10. Decentralized cloud storage solutions versus centralized solutions using Blockchain technology: A Comparison Survey